We are a Strategic Marketing Consulting firm that puts our focus on clients and local communities first. Our team works hand-in-hand with your business to create real world solutions that improve business performance and efficiency. 


Our Mission

To provide our staff, clients and partners with a meaningful experience that will shift their future in the direction of continued prosperity.


Our Vision

To illuminate our clients' futures through providing exquisite solutions and services by spreading our passion for modernization. 


Our Values

We aim to build a team invested in trust, security, integrity, quality and respect; always promising client satisfaction. We are mindful of our actions and how it directly affects our communities and ecosystems, so we pride ourselves in volunteering and minimizing waste by recycling and supporting companies that reduce the amount of waste produced.

Stop for a moment, take a deep breath, one foot out, Keep Moving Forward.
— The Momentum AF Daily Mantra

our goals

  • Contribute over 1000 hours to volunteering as a company.

  • Provide access to over 3000 days of free transportation.

  • Mentor over 50 individuals in entrepreneurship.

  • Provide over 100 unique events to Chicago.